Head to Head Quiz – Gerrard vs Lampard

Head to Head Quiz – Gerrard vs Lampard

Liverpool vs Chelsea, Red vs Blue, Gerrard vs Lampard.

Part of the ‘golden’ generation of English football that underachieved on the big stage. From Gerrard to Lampard to Beckham, Scholes, Ferdinand, Terry, Owen and Rooney – the team had it all. The argument of whether Gerrard and Lampard could play together was often brought up… a ridiculous question given their class.

While Gerrard led Liverpool to two Champions League finals including ‘that’ night in Istanbul, Lampard was the key figure in Mourinho’s Chelsea.

In this head-to-head quiz, fans will find out which player came out on top in certain matchups.

Please note, the answers within the quiz below are correct from the date of the article.

You will have 5 seconds to answer each question (so no cheating), good luck!


#1. Which player scored more Premier League goals?

Gerrard: 120 goals
Lampard: 177 goals

#2. Which player won more England caps?

Gerrard: 114 Caps
Lampard: 106 Caps

#3. Which player retired first?

Gerrard retired in November 2016
Lampard retired in February 2017

#4. Which player won more trophies in all competitions?

Gerrard Trophies: 9
Lampard Trophies: 14

#5. Which player won more matches in the Premier League against the other?

Gerrard: 7 Wins
Lampard: 10 Wins
Draws: 3

#6. Which player ended their career at LA Galaxy?

#7. Which player was sent off more during their career?

Gerrard: 8 Red Cards
Lampard: 4 Red Cards

#8. Which former player started their managerial career at Derby County?

#9. Which player came 2nd in the 2005 Ballon d'Or behind Ronaldinho?

2005 Ballon d’Or:
1. Ronaldinho
2. Frank Lampard
3. Steven Gerrard

#10. Which player assisted more goals during their career?

Gerrard: 191 Assists
Lampard: 266 Assists