Head to Head Quiz – Pique vs Ramos

Head to Head Quiz – Pique vs Ramos

Sergio Ramos made his Real Madrid debut in 2005 while Gerrard Pique first debuted for ‘Blaugrana’ in 2008. 16 years later, countless matchups and dozens of trophies shared, these two legends are still the heartbeats of their team.

El Clásico is arguably the biggest rivalry in world football. Featuring perhaps the two biggest clubs in the beautiful game, Barcelona and Real Madrid boast a rich footballing history.

This head-to-head football quiz will unearth the competition between these two great rivals – Pique and Ramos- who also formed a formidable partnership with the Spanish national team.

Please note, the answers within the quiz below are correct from the date of the article.

You will have 3 minutes to complete the quiz… good luck!


#1. Which player has scored more career goals?

Pique: 30
Ramos: 76

#2. Which player is older?

Pique: 2 February 1987
Ramos: 30 March 1986

#3. Which player has won more Champions League trophies?

Pique: 3
Ramos: 5

#4. Which player has won more La Liga titles?

Pique: 8

Ramos: 5

#5. Which player has more Instagram followers?

Pique: 18M
Ramos: 43M

#6. Which player has received more red cards?

Pique: 8
Ramos: 26

#7. Which player has won more matches against the other?

Pique: 18 wins
Ramos: 10 wins
Draws: 8

#8. Which player is taller?

Pique: 1.94
Ramos: 1.84

#9. Which player scored a 93rd minute equaliser in the 2016 Champions League final?

#10. Which player has won more international caps?

Pique: 102
Ramos: 178