Can you guess these mystery footballers from the clues? #1

Introducing the most addictive football quiz on the planet- the classic ‘Who Am I’…

The football quizzes that separate the fairly knowledgable from the footy masters. This football quiz will find out who the real fans are.

You will be given a set of clues for each question and must use these clues to guess the mystery footballer. From the teammates they’ve played with, to the trophies they’ve claimed, let’s see how strong your knowledge is. To make things as hard as possible, you will have to type your answers in, either with the player’s full name or last name only.

Warning – these questions are extremely difficult. If you can guess all 5x correctly, give yourself a serious pat on the back.

Good luck!

#1. I played for six Premier League clubs, winning the league twice. I have also won the Champions League once. Who am I?

#2. I won La Liga 9x times. I'm finishing my career in Japan. Who Am I?

#3. I played for teams in England, Italy and Spain. I have won the Copa America twice. Who Am I?

#4. I have played with Aubameyang, Neymar and John Terry at club level. I have won the Champions league once. Who Am I?

#5. I scored 145 goals during my career. I played with Steven Gerrard at club level, and finished my career at Burnley. Who Am I?



Photo by, licensed under CCO